One Greek, One Community


Fraternity and Sorority Life at Truman State University has existed since 1914. Since the founding of our first chapters, we have strived to seek out members with a values driven mindset that are willing to empower students to be leaders in their communities. Our chapters provide outlets for individual development and support each members’ personal and professional growth. We acknowledge the foundations on which our chapters began and will continue to advance our community by practicing integrity through a value base of growth, leadership, scholarship, and unity.


As a fraternity and sorority community, we strive to be seen as a collective of hardworking, forward thinking leaders where any Truman student can find a place to foster connections and contribute positively to our community and beyond.


Growth – We are conscious of the size and makeup of our community. We look to support the livelihood of existing and potential new chapters. Opportunities are provided for personal and professional development in order to attract new members while fostering
the growth of current members in every facet.
Leadership – Using our voices, individually and collectively, we set a positive example for others. Alongside our collegiate and local city communities, our members work to pursue opportunities for impactful change. We are cognizant of how our actions, decisions, and
behaviors are viewed by others. Reflecting on those views, we continuously push our standards forward through initiative and innovation.
Scholarship – Academics are a top priority for every chapter and its members. We advocate for members to achieve their full academic potential beyond the pursuit of grades, but for the sake of learning. Therefore, we serve as an academic example to the campus and local community.
Unity – As a community, we prioritize inclusion within our chapters and their operations. By being intentional in building connections within and outside our community, support is provided to fellow students regardless of affiliation. We stay attuned to issues that impact our community, and recognize roles we have for potential action. Ultimately, we demonstrate that together our fraternity and sorority community is a powerful force – as a collective unit, we achieve more.

Call to Action: 

As members of the FSL Community we pledge to uphold a high standard encompassing all four pillars outlined in the mission statement. By representing Truman State Greek Life to the community, we must be aware of how our actions and words can affect others. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each member of Greek Life to treat others with respect and consideration. Greek Week Committee takes precautions to eliminate any and all types of risk, however, we expect each member and organization to help us create a safe, fun, and respectable environment for all members of the community.


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